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Reinforcement second term

(Reported speech/ Modal verbs)
Reported speech=
Present some news you check online, could be about sports, economy, showbiz, politic…
Use reported speech to present the news…

Take into account
Length: 2 mins
News: 3

Modal verbs=
Giving advices
Choose 2 of the following situations
Give 4 advices to each person
Use the modal verbs must, mustn´t, should, should not.

1.   I would like to change careers, but I don’t have experience in the career I like. My friend told me to do volunteer work to get experience. What should I do?

2.    My parents think money is the most important thing in a job. I want to look for a job that makes me happy. Should I listen to my parents?

3.    I absolutely hate my job! I want to look for another one, but I have lots of
student loans. What should I do?
4.    I have my fi rst job interview next week. I am nervous. Please help.

Date to present the activity: August 1st

Send the activities to paola.florez.l89@gmail.com

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